Soft Tissue Grafting

When a patient suffers from a large amount of gum recession, especially when this recession is localized to one area, soft tissue grafts can be used to restore the gum line. In the case of minor gum recession, a change in oral hygiene routine can be an easy fix to a small issue. However, if the gum line recedes dramatically, it can leave your teeth open to infection and bacterial attacks. Along with this, a receded gum line can lead to sensitivity to hot and cold. If the recession has become drastic enough that the root of the tooth has been exposed, more serious infections may result, as the root is not as well defended against direct plaque and bacterial attacks.

Soft tissue grafts can be used to restore a receded gum line, and reinstall the first line of defense against infection. The tissue for the graft comes with from the roof of the patient’s mouth, or simply by moving nearby gum tissue to cover the exposed surface. While the procedure may seem daunting, it is a fairly simple surgery and has a very high success rate. Along with this, it can prevent the need for further, more serious surgeries by protecting the teeth from infection.